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I made this package of icons a while ago, and decided to upload them here if anyone wants to use them. You are welcome to use these assets for commercial projects, as long as you credit me.

The package contains 80 unique icons, and 7 UI items. Everything is vector, and the pack contains both a source file and individual exports for everything.

You are welcome to use these items for both private and commercial projects, as long as you credit me (mandatory credit: "Penzilla", obligatory add links to this package as well). The license is for the purchasers personal or commercial use, and does not allow the purchaser to re-sell or re-distribute the included files. You are welcome to edit or modify these items, as long as you still credit me.

 If you like these assets, let me know! I might expand the package in the future if there are enough interest! You can also get my most popular packages for free, as well as weekly discounts and package deals on new releases, by supporting me over at patreon.com/penzilla


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ExportedIcons.zip 644 kB
UiIconsPack.ai 1 MB
UiIconsPack_Transparent_Icons.png 591 kB


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This package is really fantastic, I have used them in my most receantly project, here is the link if you want to try it! : https://joulesp.itch.io/boot-camp-brawlers

Awesome set of icons! Just what I needed for the project I'm working on right now. More power to you, Sir/Ma'am!

can you give the assets for the start screen too... pls

im definitely using this xD

I love the aesthetic of these icons. Thank you very much for creating them! I used some of them in my game Launcher Heroes! Please check it out if you get the chance:  https://drewworks.itch.io/launcher-heroes

Hi, I was curious about what tool people generally use to make vector art like this, it's very clean and simple I like it a lot you did a great job, but I can't find anything online about what software people use and I'd like to give it a go myself, thanks

Hi there, thank you for the curiosity. I've used Illustrator to create this asset pack, but I use a blend of hand drawn raster files and vector art to create the final look, giving it a more organic look than some "traditional" vector art,

Many thanks for the asset. The style is really cute and I'm glad to use it in my latest project.


Hi, im interest on using this asset on a phone game. How should I credit you for your work?


Glad to hear it, it's always nice when people find my assets useful. Please credit me either with "Penzilla" or "Penzilla Design". And if you want to send a link to anything you use the package in, that would be much appreciated :)


i love this style 


very cute ty :>


Many thanks. This asset is awesome for game UI 


Glad you like it :)