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Thanks for this assest, am making a game can I use it?

Feel free to use this character in any personal or commercial project as long as you credit me :)

Thank you

just want to tell everyone reading this that this asset is amazing

this is a really good free asset thank you for making this i will definatly find it usefull!

Glad to hear it :)

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Hi ! Do you mind if I modify the sprite for my game ? (I will credit you ofc)

Not at all, go right ahead :)


I am a game developer (and planning to make a development YouTube channel)

and I'm wondering if I can use this for my project (which I might make devlogs on) for some character's in it, If I upload it I am going to make it free but I probably wont upload it, I will credit you in the video, ill make some modifications and wont use all the assets, so can I use your work in my project?

You are welcome to use this character for your project.
I'll point to the description above:
"You are welcome to use these items for both private and commercial projects, as long as you credit me (the license is for the purchasers personal or commercial use, and does not allow the purchaser to re-sell or re-distribute the included files). "

This is really similar to a character I've made few months ago:

It's really cool. I hope your project goes well :)

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this is so good

Hello there

Your character is so cute. Can we contact him to make a commercial game?

Not sure if you can contact him, but you sure can contact me :)

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I did try :) but yours twitter account closed to message. Can you write me? 



Nice, 4 stars.

Dear Penzilla,

I am Peony, a university student at university of saint joseph Macau! Me and my teammate David came across to your work and are interested to use this hooded character! We are creating a little p5js sequence with a story surrounding a child going through mental health issues and raise awareness about mental health illnesses. We would like to use your hooded protagonist as our main character but we thought it would be interesting to make a slight modification to it. We thought the face looked too mysterious and cartoon-like to fit our project so we were wondering if you are okay if we do modification as such inspired by your hooded protagonist:

as well as the movements as such to fit our story:

1.fetal position crying alone, hiding

2.(from the fetal position) lifting head curious, looking at the "item we give him" and then standing up, either facing left or right, or both

3. walking nervously or sadly left or right

4.looking at the object , poking it with a stick or just investigating it but with no real interest

5. standing up and "wiping tears"

6. receiving a hug from another character

We love your work and will definitely credit you if we are allowed to make above modifications! Please let us know! This work will be published and will not be sold, for your information!

Many thanks, hope to hear from you!


This is my colleague on this project

Hi there,

That sounds like a great project! Definitely feel free to use the character as is, or make any edits and additional animations that you need. I hope it turns out super.
I would also love to see how the project turns out, if you want to send over a link.

Kind regards, Penzilla

Hi , First of all Great work btw , I would like to ask if we are permitted to edit the character to our liking ? We are currently students and would like to use your work in our project.

Fore sure :)